Saturday, February 11, 2012

Calmness in Chaos

People always say the best realization comes to you when you least expect it.
I always tell Brooke I feel the most calm and cozy when the house is clutter free and tidy (which is a challenge with twins, or any toddler running around). I have this perfect picture in my head of what that clutter free and tidy environment looks like. It looks like, a nice fire, snow falling, and a bubble bath.......well we don't have a fire place, I can't control when snow falls and we don't have a deep soaker tub.
On the way home from work I realized the clutter free and tidy environment I m searching for is actually a feeling. That same day on the way home from work I realized I felt calm and cozy already regardless of the chaotic environment I may have come from or may enter. It proved true. When I got home there was no fire, no snow falling and no bubble bath waiting for me and I was able to maintain the calm cozy feeling.
This is an important realization for me because it allows me to enjoy my family so much more, instead of searching (and continually trying to clean) to obtain something that is actually found within. No matter what my house looks like, no matter how bad my hair may look, and no matter how bloated I may feel on my night shifts the calmness in life comes from from within and not from an external source.
This week I challenge you to find that calmness in the chaos your week may bring......

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